The Surface Finishing Equipment Group consists of four companies, three based in the UK plus a Middle East Office located in Abu Dhabi.



Having supported the group for over 5 years, they have had the requirement over time for particular users and systems to access one another’s company resources.

Preferring a more seamless solution for this task, Netcomm upgraded the group Routers and Firewalls and implemented secure, permanent site to site VPN links allowing individuals such as Accounts to access relevant company server data.

Links to Time and Attendance records are also sent to a single point within the group thus streamlining many operations and maintenance tasks.



We strongly recommend the implementation of managed security and system upgrades to ensure your data and IT Network is fully secured and protected. With our team of experienced engineers we can assist your business with Back-Up Solutions, Off-Site Cloud Back-up,  Network and Server Monitoring and much more.

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