Fraser Wealth Management, located in Liverpool, is a a firm of forward thinking Chartered Financial Planners, passionate about creating, preserving and increasing their clients’ wealth.



Fraser Wealth had a dedicated online system, which they used on a daily basis to run their business software through thin client.

At the time Netcomm took over support, a key problem, which was noted, was that their single broadband connection would slow down and systems became unusable during certain times. Given the business location, budget and DSL speeds, Netcomm provided IT solutions to ease the online load and added some fault tolerance.

A dual DSL / load balancing router was installed and an additional DSL line fitted, supplied via a separate Internet provider.

Both connections were configured to the dual router and traffic diverted for their thin client to one connection whilst email, internet browsing and VPNS was sent to the second. A simple solution that has vastly improved Fraser Wealth’s online availability.



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