Davidson Stant

Davidson Stant is a friendly and professional accountancy practice providing business audits and self assessment tax returns.

Davidson Stant initially agreed to a 3 month trial as they were apprehensive in committing to an annual SLA until they had “test run” Netcomm’s support services.


An initial audit was programmed in to diagnose their current system state due to previous problems they had encountered whilst under support with another company.

The audit picked up on a failed Hard disk on the Server so the RAID had degraded, thus slowing down the server considerably. The system was also under specified in terms of memory to run services such as Microsoft Exchange Mail. A final note was made that the SQL databases were not being correctly backed up due to the backup software not having the relevant agents installed to complete this task. If the server had at any point failed and a restore required, the SQL tables would not have been recovered correctly which was a disaster waiting to happen.

After agreeing with Netcomm’s advice the Server RAID system was corrected and an upgrade to the memory was completed. A final step was to purchase and install / configure a correct backup solution that could achieve 100% data backups of the full server, SQL database’s and Exchange Mail at brick level.

Davidson Stant extended their initial 3 month trial to a full 12 month Service Level Agreement.


We also offer supplementary services which include Server Support, Back-up Cloud, and Offsite Back up. We’re an experienced and dedicated team of IT support engineers, which can provide complete IT services and support for your organisation.

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